Parker Mayson
Parker Mayson Fireball All Star Ultimate
Some attributes
Universe Firehair
Availability Starter
Weight Class Medium-Heavy
Tier A/B/C (4)

Fighter TemplateEditEdit

Ground AttacksEditEdit

  • Standard Attack- Left Hand punch
  • Standard Attack 2- Right hand Punch
  • Standard Attack 3- Super kick
  • Down Tilt- Uses the flamepack to spred fire
  • Down Smash- Burst fire around himself with the Firepack
  • Forward tilt- Kick forward
  • Forward Smash- Powerful Shoulderblock
  • Up tilt- The Hair of Fire rises
  • Up Smash- Bends down & jumps up with a firey headbutt
  • Dash Attack- Fire boost

Ariel AttacksEditEdit

  • Neutral Ariel- Does a Fire Tornado around himself
  • Forward Ariel- Flip kick
  • Back Ariel- Spin kick
  • Up Ariel- Right hand knuckle
  • Down Ariel- Fire rocket

Grabs and ThrowsEditEdit

  • Grab- Mayson grabs them with one hand
  • Pummel- Knees them
  • Forward Throw- puts his hair all over the Opponent's face
  • Backward Throw- Throws them backwards & shoots fireballs at them
  • Up Throw- Throws them up
  • Down Throw- Puts his foot down on them & blasts there face witht he firepack
Parker Mayson's Special Moves
Standard Special Attack Fire Shoot
Side Special Move Forward Elbow
Up Special Move Flame Flyer
Down Special Move Fire Tobacco
Level 1 Smash Have a Hot Day!
Level 2 Smash Let my Fire stare into your muscles
Ultimate Smash Final Flame


  • Entrance: Turns around and says "Ready for a hot fight?"
  • Taunts
    • Standard: uses both hands in the air while screaming
    • Side: Gives a piece sign saying "hehe!"
    • Down: Stands straight while saying "i was hoping you could do better at sports"
  • Ide Poses
    • Checks to make sure if his Firepack is ready
    • Stretches his legs out
  • Fanfare: Level Clear! of TwistedMetal
  • Win: Falls off Laughing in Joy
  • Lose: Confused look while having his shoulders up & his forearms in a different direction