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Fireball All Stars is a Fighting crossover genre of Fireball studios characters, Fireball All Star Rumble was Released on January 13th 2013, while the Sequel is working in Development, also returning Veterans like Baxter, Parker Mayson, Amanda, Bonic, Dr. Dumb, Drunk Pickle, H20-AK47, Sally Mayson and some other Various characters, with the Sequel having newer characters joining for battle. Fireball All Star Rumble was released for the Wii & Xbox360, while The Newer version for the Wii U and 3DS,which will Undergo 3DS first for Development while the Wii U will later be released.
Fireball All Star Ultimate Wii U & 3DS

Photo of the Logos for the New Fireball All Star Ultimate Game


Playable CharactersEdit

Fighter Fireball All Star Rumble Fireball All Star Ultimate Series


Yes Super Baxter
Parker Mayson Yes Yes Fire Hair
Amanda Yes Yes A-Girls
Bonic Yes Yes Bonic The Hedgehog
Dr. Dumb Yes Yes The World's Dumbest Scientist
Drunk Pickle Yes Yes Drunk Pickle: Alcoholic Virgin
H20-AK47 Yes ? N/A
Sally Mayson Yes Yes Fire Hair
Tobuscus Yes ? Youtube (3rd-Party Character)
PewDiePie Yes Yes Youtube (3rd-Party Character)
Boogie2988 Yes ? Youtube (3rd-Party Character)
TheSuperBaxter Yes Yes Youtube/Red Excorist
Catdude Yes Yes 9 Lives Cat Fighter
Catgirl Yes ? 9 Lives Cat Fighter
Thunder Yes ? Thunder The Stormshocker (3rd-Party Character)
Artix Yes ? Artix The Hedgehog (3rd-Party Character)
Bloodwing10 Yes ? Youtube
StarFire Yes ? Artix The Hedgehog (3rd-Party Character)
Iron Man Yes No MARVEL
Catsister Yes ? 9 Lives Cat Fighter
Superman Yes No DC Universe
Mickey & Oswalt Yes No Disney
Mii/Avatar Yes Yes (Only The Miis Return) Wii/Xbox
Thor & Loki Yes No MARVEL
Wreck It Ralph Yes No Disney
Nicolas No Yes Super Nicolas Bros.
Link Cortez No Yes Super Nicolas Bros.
Gails No Yes Bonic The Hedgehog
Waxter No Yes Waxter Megadollars Inc.
Princess Denise No Yes Super Baxter
Dogbiceps No Yes 9 Lives Cat Fighter
Damy No Yes Bonic The Hedgehog
Total 25 -

Fighter TemplateEdit

Ground AttacksEdit

  • Standard Attack-
  • Standard Attack 2-
  • Standard Attack 3-
  • Down Tilt-
  • Down Smash-
  • Forward tilt-
  • Forward Smash-
  • Up tilt-
  • Up Smash-
  • Dash Attack-

Ariel AttacksEdit

  • Neutral Ariel-
  • Forward Ariel-
  • Back Ariel-
  • Up Ariel-
  • Down Ariel-

Grabs and ThrowsEdit

  • Grab-
  • Pummel-
  • Forward Throw-
  • Backward Throw-
  • Up Throw-
  • Down Throw-
's Special Moves
Standard Special Attack
Side Special Move
Up Special Move
Down Special Move
Level 1 Smash
Level 2 Smash
Ultimate Smash


  • Entrance:
  • Taunts
    • Standard:
    • Side:
    • Down:
  • Ide Poses
  • Fanfare:
  • Win:
  • Lose: