Bonic The Hedgehog
Bonic Fireball All Star Ultimate
Some attributes
Universe Bonic The Hedgehog
Availability Starter
Weight Class Medium
Tier A/B/C (23)

Fighter TemplateEditEdit

Ground AttacksEditEdit

  • Standard Attack- Left Jab
  • Standard Attack 2- Right Jab
  • Standard Attack 3- Multiple Combos
  • Down Tilt- Low Sweep
  • Down Smash- Curls up into a ball & bounces down
  • Forward tilt- Right back Kick
  • Forward Smash- Curls into a Ball & Jumps Forward
  • Up tilt- Uppercut
  • Up Smash- Curls into a Ball & Jumps up
  • Dash Attack- Butterfly Kick

Ariel AttacksEditEdit

  • Neutral Ariel- Curls into a ball
  • Forward Ariel- Kicks forward
  • Back Ariel- Dropkick Backwards
  • Up Ariel- Flip Kick
  • Down Ariel- Bonic raises one leg up & throws it down on the opponent

Grabs and ThrowsEditEdit

  • Grab- Bonic grabs with both hands
  • Pummel- Punches the Opponent
  • Forward Throw- Does a Flip Piledriver
  • Backward Throw- Bonic does a Triple Flip while Grabbing the Opponent
  • Up Throw- Throws them up & uses his Quills
  • Down Throw- Spin Dashes on them
Bonic's Special Moves
Standard Special Attack Homing Attack
Side Special Move Ariel Drill
Up Special Move Ariel Spin Dash
Down Special Move Bounce Attack
Level 1 Smash Spin Dash
Level 2 Smash The Green Hover
Ultimate Smash Giga Bonic


  • Entrance: Spin Dashes with a Piece Pose saying "Piece Out!"
  • Taunts
    • Standard: Breakdances
    • Side: Puts on Sun Glasses while giving a pose
    • Down: Falls down & was scared & begs to not hurt him as he gets back up
  • Ide Poses
    • Yawns
    • Looks at the Camera & shakes his Finger left & right
  • Fanfare: Level Clear of Final Fantasy
  • Win: Jumps up in Happiness & Laughs on the ground
  • Lose: Has both of his Fists on his hips & was Angrily looking down