Baxter Fireball All Star Ultimate
Some attributes
Universe Super Baxter
Availability Starter
Weight Class Medium
Tier A/B/C (10)

Fighter TemplateEditEdit

Ground AttacksEditEdit

  • Standard Attack- Punch straight downwards
  • Standard Attack 2- Uppercut
  • Standard Attack 3- Toe Kick
  • Down Tilt- Trips the Opponent with the leg
  • Down Smash- Fire Breakdance Kick
  • Forward tilt- Does a strong kick
  • Forward Smash- Charges and Releases an Explosive range of Fire
  • Up tilt- Fire Uppercut
  • Up Smash- Fire Headbutt
  • Dash Attack- Fire Slide Kick

Ariel AttacksEditEdit

  • Neutral Ariel- Sex Kick
  • Forward Ariel- Arces his arm back & swings it down with a good knockback to an Ariel opponent known as a Meteor Smash
  • Back Ariel- Dropkick from behind
  • Up Ariel- Spin kick
  • Down Ariel- Flaming Drill Kick

Grabs and ThrowsEditEdit

  • Grab- Baxter uses both hands on his Opponents
  • Pummel- Headbutt
  • Forward Throw- Baxter glomps on the standing person & creates an explosion
  • Backward Throw- Baxter spins multiple times & throws them
  • Up Throw- Fire flip kick
  • Down Throw- Baxter does a standing fire drill kick to the opponent
Baxter's Special Moves
Standard Special Attack Flame Ball
Side Special Move Fire Cape
Up Special Move Fire Jump Punch
Down Special Move Baxter Tornado
Level 1 Smash Fire Knockback
Level 2 Smash Fire Sword
Ultimate Smash Scarlet Sider


  • Entrance: Baxter appears out of the flames saying "Here we go!"
  • Taunts
    • Standard: Spins around & poses with a firework near him
    • Side: Fire energy raises around him
    • Down: Shoots up fire as it explodes in fireworks
  • Ide Poses
    • Moves his head left & right with his fists
    • Stretches his head
  • Fanfare: Clear level from New Super Mario Bros. Wii
  • Win: Baxter throws back his fist & throws it at the camera while posing
  • Lose: Looking down