Amanda Fireball All Star Ultimate
Some attributes
Universe A-Girls
Availability Starter
Weight Class Lightweight
Tier S (3)

Fighter TemplateEditEdit

Ground AttacksEditEdit

  • Standard Attack- Low Kick
  • Standard Attack 2- Medium Right Kick
  • Standard Attack 3- Spin Kick
  • Down Tilt- Low Sweep
  • Down Smash- Stomps the Ground making shockwaves
  • Forward tilt- Roundhouse Kick
  • Forward Smash- Big Boot
  • Up tilt- Swipe
  • Up Smash- Breakdance Kick with the Feet up
  • Dash Attack- Karate Kick

Ariel AttacksEditEdit

  • Neutral Ariel- Elbow Flip
  • Forward Ariel- Kick Forward
  • Back Ariel- Back Dropkick
  • Up Ariel- Flip Kick
  • Down Ariel- Electric Drill Kick

Grabs and ThrowsEditEdit

  • Grab- Amanda will grab with both of her hand
  • Pummel- Knees them in the gut
  • Forward Throw- Uses her Scanner to blast there face
  • Backward Throw- Strokes her Butt in front & Bumps the Opponents with her Butt
  • Up Throw- Throws them up & Does a Flying Kick
  • Down Throw- Throws them down and then ground pound the Opponent
Amanda's Special Moves
Standard Special Attack Scanner Shot
Side Special Move Open Electric Palm
Up Special Move Diagonal Kick
Down Special Move Ice Kick
Level 1 Smash Super Roundhouse Kick
Level 2 Smash Speed Dash
Ultimate Smash The Final A


  • Entrance: Does a Backflip & gets in battle position saying "All right come on!"
  • Taunts
    • Standard: Does a Handstand
    • Side: Spins around & looks at the camera saying "Hi"
    • Down: Shows her kicking moves while saying "Try me!"
    • Secret: Amanda Knees down holding her scanner on her face to Contact the A-Girls team for awhile and then gets back to her battling position, This is only on the A-Girls stage
  • Ide Poses
  • Fanfare: Level Complete of Super Princess Peach
  • Win: Contacts the A-girls saying "My Mission is Done! meet you girls back at base" Then she Teleports out
  • Lose: Sitting on the ground headdown while kneeling